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Job Responsibilities


Our client is a provider of end-to-end learning and skill-building solutions that impact business performance through enhanced employee productivity, customer profitability and effective talent transformation.

They are recruiting a high calibre individual from Zambia for the position of Sales Trainer



To impart knowledge on products, processes & systems and skill the role holders on Airtel ways of working and thus enabling them to achieve defined business metrics.


                     SALES TRAINER


1. Managing Operations effectively at the state/province/Zonal level

  • Timely sign off of the training calendar.
  • Ensuring that the training is delivered on time with at least the minimum defined number of people.
  • Conducting the steering council meeting with the client representative as per the defined calendar.
  • Responsible for effective communication with business. Should act as a bridge to bring the market realities to business and translate the business strategies at the ground level for implementation.
  • Complying to the processes defined and ensuring that the reports like Post Training Reports (PTR), attendance sheets, Impact stories are filled and submitted on time.
  • Ensuring that the maximum number of role holders is covered for training and thus the training benefit is extended to its utmost.
  • Monitor and report on activities, costs, performance, etc, as required.
  • Arrange for the maintenance and procurement of all necessary equipment and materials relating to effective delivery and measurement of training.

2Knowledge and skill enhancement of the sales personnel so that they are more competent to meet      the defined business metrics

  • Effective training delivery as per the defined Training Mondays target.
  • Evaluation the extent of knowledge enhancement by conducting Job Knowledge Quiz’s
  • Impacting productivity of sales personnel by enhancing their sales skills
  • Continuous improvement in training delivery and content by analyzing PTR and feedback scores.
  • Imparting training programs at all levels i.e from Basic selling skills to advanced levels.
  • On the field coaching of the sales personnel as and when required to tackle and understand on the field nuances.

3. Customization of Content as per the business and people requirement of the Corporation

  • Understand and study the business challenges and the market reality of the region operating in.
  • Update his knowledge on country’s laws and regulation so that to update content accordingly which helps the sales staff to sell products while complying with the local laws.
  • Get an in-depth understanding of the training requirements of the sales staff so as to modify the content accordingly.
  • Update his knowledge about the competition, company products, pricing and the industry so as to give inputs in creating a useful and effective content.
  • Effective use of presentation skills.


The challenges faced by this role holder would be to understand and adapt to the changing needs of the business in the region he operates at. He would have to be constantly on his toes to know about the various products and schemes of the competition and the company so that he could update his content accordingly.

The training audience of this role holder would be the sales personnel who would be more focused on getting to the field and meeting their targets. Hence getting them to the classroom and making them understand the value and effectiveness of training would be one of his challenges.

The managers of the sales personnel would also need to be aligned to the need and effectiveness of training through him.

Effective training should result in effective results which in this scenario would be enhanced productivity of sales personnel. A point to be remembered in this aspect is that the role of a trainer in making sales is restricted up to imparting knowledge and enhancing skills and not by selling the product himself. So though meeting business metrics is a criterion for his performance evaluation he would have no direct control on it.


This role holder would have the following decision making freedom.  (Please note that the list below is not comprehensive).

  • Planning the training calendar in conjunction with the Zonal Sales Head.
  • To customize the content of the training program depending on the demographics and people need in consultation with the Content Team.
  • Planning his calendar on alternating between ILT and Coaching depending upon the need and availability of the sales personnel.


5 - 7 Years Experience

Recent experience level: Senior Associate


Degree: Bachelor

Skills and Certifications

**IMPORTANT: Please note that this position is open to Zambian citizens only

Closing Date

31st March 2012