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Job Responsibilities


Our client is a leading integrated telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the company ranks amongst the top 5 mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers. The company's product offerings include 2G, 3G and 4G services, fixed line, high speed broadband through DSL, IPTV, DTH, enterprise services including national & international long distance services to carriers

The primary role is to work with the our client’s operations in all areas covering international services, including; scoping and planning connectivity between OPCO’S, and provisioning and managing end-to-end services for both internal and external customers; forecasting and purchasing bulk VSAT transponder capacity and managing allocation to OPCO’S for domestics/international services; forecasting and purchasing terrestrial/submarine IRU capacity for Africa international/domestic services and pursuing continent wide fiber-sharing/co-build opportunities with potential partners; identifying international voice carriers and internet Tier 1 providers for the client, equipping international POPs/telehouses, management of circuit/service provisioning at the POPs/tollhouses’, creating a partner eco-system to provide said services in an outsourced model, putting in place all systems, procedures, partners and equipment to deliver these circuits and systems.


  • 3rd party services: The candidate shall be responsible for scoping requirements for; all 3rd party services for the client’s internal (other than networks) and external customers; planning of national and international; routes and capacities; managing the expansions to ensure that the networks are end-to-end ready for delivery of the required services; testing and provisioning of services; supervision and fault management of all circuits; performance monitoring and reporting against SLA KPI targets; optimization of routes to achieve KPI targets.
  • Domestic & International: The candidate shall be responsible for working with the Africa Opco’s to scope and dimension all domestic and international requirements of the Opco’s taking into consideration cross-border requirements of all neighboring operations, and considering both network and 3rd party capacity requirements. Requirements for microwave, VSAT and Fiber Optic Cable shall be taken into account.
  • Optical Fiber (submarine/co-build/IRU): The candidate shall be responsible for scoping requirements, and procuring services on, for all submarine optical fiber services related to IRU and/or co-build (terrestrial or submarine). This includes proactively identifying and building relationships with potential partners for co-build/capacity swap/consortium build, to reduce the cost of optical fiber build-out.
  • VSAT: The candidate shall be responsible for scoping requirements, and procuring services on, for all VSAT services (domestic or international) related to satellite selection and transponder capacity. Allocation of bulk purchase of capacity shall be managed on behalf of Opco’s to ensure efficient procurement of capacity.
  • International Peering (voice/data): The candidate shall be involved in the process of identifying international voice carriers and internet Tier 1 providers for our client, and determining which international telehouses the client should be present in. Also included shall be managing connectivity between our client and the telehouses, managing circuit/service provisioning at the POPs/telehouses (between our client/other carriers), and equipping international POPs/telehouses (TDM/IP)
  • Migration to Transport Services Group (TSG): The candidate shall define the modus operandi of a standalone TSG group that will handle connectivity requirements on an end-to-end basis for the entire business, including the mobile network, and internal and external customers. This shall include; identification of best practice from within the Group; definition of organization re-structuring requirements; managing the transition to a TSG; and implementing tools, processes and procedures required to operate a professional TSG, along with required partner eco-system.


  • The candidate should have a minimum of 10 years experience in a professional transport services group that operates a multi-national transmission network


The Candidate must have degree in any disciplines of Electronics / Telecom / Electrical Engineering from reputed institute; The candidate should have detailed knowledge transmission technologies,optical fiber systems, VSAT systems, TDM transport networks / IP MPLS networks / Carrier Ethernet networks; BSS/OSS systems for carrier grade transport networks, international peering, organization/tools/processes and procedures required to operate a standalone transmission services group;  The candidate must have deep knowledge of the product lines and solutions from the major transmission solutions vendors; with an understanding of the key strengths, weaknesses, and differences between them;The candidate must be detail oriented, have strong interpersonal skills, be pro-active, a team player, non-confrontational, multicultural sensitivity, a good communicator,resourceful, multi-tasking, a strong propensity for planning, work autonomously in a dynamic environment, and have a willingness to travel.


10 - 15 Years Experience

Recent experience level: Executive


Degree: Bachelor

Academic: Electrical Engineering